Our Story

CHO brand is the result of many years of work, research and dozens of travels around the world.

The brand founder and project originator, Agnieszka, has been struggling with skin problems for years, due to her delicate complexion, she had to pay special attention to skincare ingredients.

 “… I could get the best results with retinol, but its irritating effect on the skin and the side effects disqualified this ingredient from my skincare routine. I was very disappointed but at the same time determined to find a product that would not irritate, would not be photosensitizing, but would be as effective in the fight for beautiful skin as retinol … "

Agnieszka and her husband Krzysztof are avid travelers who use all their free time to see the world. The most frequently chosen destination has always been the Far East.

While exploring different corners of Asia, Agnieszka would visit local beauty stores, markets and talk to sellers looking for new products that would harmonize with her demanding skin. With each trip, she gained the knowledge and experience necessary to build a brand from scratch.

During one of their trips to India, they discovered an ingredient that works like retinol, but does not cause irritation, this ingredient was of natural origin, obtained from plants - it was BAKUCHIOL.

After returning to Poland, Agnieszka was looking for products with bakuchiol, but it soon turned out that our domestic market does not offer cosmetics containing this ingredient, they were available only abroad at very high prices. At that point, an idea was born to create her own line of skincare products with bakuchiol at an affordable price, for women who have to take special care of their skin.

This is how the idea of creating a CHO began.

"We wanted to create a brand in the spirit of ecology, where cosmetics have not only natural, but above all, safe ingredients that can also be used by pregnant women or breastfeeding mothers. The research aspect was equally important to us.  That is why we invited a group of professionals to cooperate with us. We leverage independent laboratories to ensure that each product is both safe and effective.

It took us 2 years to create CHO products. You may now see them on this website.

What does the name CHO mean?

It stands for the chemical formula of bakuchiol - C18H24O


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